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Political Science at Brown University

The Political Science department enjoys a reputation for intellectual pluralism, creativity and research productivity.

Political Science is one of the largest and most dynamic concentrations at Brown. Undergraduates gain skill in critical thinking, empirical analysis, and normative inquiry, preparing them for leadership careers in the public, nonprofit and private sectors. Our doctoral program features close interaction with professors and offers state-of-the art training in American politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory.

The department is enriched by its close ties to key research centers, institutes, and programs at Brown, including the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, the Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, Modern Culture and Media, Cogut Institute for the Humanities, and Urban Studies.

Brown's community of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and faculty members in political science is a close and collegial one.
Brown's Political Science faculty are deeply committed to excellence in both undergraduate teaching and graduate training.

Recent News

A new book by Professor Corey Brettschneider explores the history of presidents who abused their constitutional power and the citizen movements that stopped them. There’s a lesson for a second Trump administration.
Law professor Leah Litman and political science professor Corey Brettschneider join Chris Hayes to discuss the fallout of the Supreme Court granting Trump immunity for official acts. In particular, Brettschneider discusses his new book, "The Presidents and the People: Five Leaders Who Threatened Democracy and the Citizens Who Fought to Defend It."

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