Political Science

New Concentration Requirements

Political Science Announces New Concentration Requirements, effective fall 2022.


Students who have already declared their Political Science concentrations prior to July 1, 2022 may follow the old requirements found here OR may elect to follow the new requirements. If you have decided to make the switch, please contact suzanne_brough@brown.edu.  If you have questions and would like to discuss the new requirements, please contact our DUS ross_cheit@brown.edu.


Ten courses are required overall from within the Department of Political Science.  Eleven courses are required if the methods requirement is fulfilled with a course outside the department.

Concentration Track Sheet

Faculty information can be found here.


2  Two introductory courses from the following:

POLS 0010                          Introduction to the American Political Process

POLS 0110                          Introduction to Political Thought

POLS 0200                          Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLS 0400                          Introduction to International Politics

1  One course in Political Theory taught by a Political Science theory professor 1

1  One methods course from Political Science: 2

    POLS 0500                     Foundations of Political Analysis

    POLS 1600                     Political Research Methods

1  One Senior Capstone course taken from the POLS 1820 / 1821 / 1822 / 1823 / 1824 /  1825/offerings or the independent studies sequence POLS 1970 /1971 or the honors sequence POLS 1910 / 1920. The capstone course must be taken at Brown during the senior year. However, with exceptional circumstances and with permission and approval of the course from the DUS, a non- Brown course may fulfill this requirement.

5  Five additional courses from within Political Science and/or taught by a Political Science faculty member 1

10 Total Credits

1 Faculty information can be found here.

2 A comparable course from an outside department (APMA 0650, ANTH 1940, CLPS 0900, ECON 1620ECON 1630EEPS 1320, PHP 1501, SOC 1100 or  SOC 1120 may also be used). If the methods requirement is fulfilled by an outside department course, it will not count as one of the 10 required courses.


Completion of the methods requirement is required prior to applying to the Honors program. Students must also complete an honors research project and take POLS 1910 and POLS 1920 during the senior year. POLS 1910 and POLS 1920 will count as one credit towards the 10 required Political Science courses for the concentration.