Political Science

Methods Training Summer Programs

Methods Training Awards – IQMR/ICPSR Applications

There are two summer programs available to all students on a competitive basis to enhance methods training outside of the Brown Curriculum:

  1. The IQMR at Syracuse University, and
  2. The ICPSR program for one (4 week) session.

However, if there are other summer programs (Qualitative or Quantitative) you would like to apply for funds to attend, please submit an application that also includes the name, description, and link to the program, duration, and cost. 

The GAC will likely award (on a competitive basis) tuition fellowships for a minimum of two students per year to attend either of these programs. The application process is open to everyone not just 3rd and 4th year students. However, you should be aware the IQMR program welcomes independent applications and offers some tuition scholarships. IQMR’s deadline for direct/open applications is in November. You can apply directly to ICPSR as well, but they don’t offer tuition scholarships. Check their websites for more information.

If you are interested in applying for the department award, submit the following as a single document (except #5) to the Graduate Program Coordinator by February 1. The Graduate Affairs Committee will review the applications.

  1. Up-to-date curriculum vitae
  2. List of any courses you have taken in qualitative or other methodology at Brown or elsewhere (e.g. in an M.A. program)
  3. Short (approx 300 word) personal statement briefly summarizing your main current research project and reasons for wanting to attend either of these methods training programs – be sure to indicate for which program you are applying.
  4. Longer version (approx. 5 pages) outlining the topic/main question of your dissertation, its significance, the methods that will be used, and your progress to date – OR a copy of your prospectus (if you have already defended)
  5. Reference letter from your committee chair OR someone who is familiar with your training and research