Political Science

Aditi Sahasrabuddhe

Assistant Professor of Political Science
Rm 317/Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs - 111 Thayer Street
Areas of Expertise Political Economy, Politics and History, World Politics


Aditi Sahasrabuddhe is an Assistant Professor at Brown University. Her research examines international political economy with a focus on global governance, the politics of international finance, central banking, and international cooperation. Her current book project explains why central banks choose to arrange and deploy swap lines in some crises and not others, as well as the variation between those countries that do and do not receive liquidity assistance through swaps within specific crises. She is also researching questions of legitimacy and popular trust in central banks, the domestic determinants of liquidity assurance policies and swap requests, the security foundations of international currencies, and the effects of trust in monetary governance and currency systems. Her work has been published in the Review of International Political Economy. Her writing has also appeared in The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage and the Jain Family Institute’s Phenomenal World blog.