Political Science

Liza Williams

Lecturer, Honors Program, George Washington University
Subfield Political Theory
Dissertation Hospitality and the Horizons of Democracy: Responsibilities to Immigrants
Committee Sharon Krause (Chair), Alexander Gourevitch, James Morone


Job Market Title

Ethico-Political Practices of Immigrant Inclusion


This project theorizes how democratic values and ethico-political practices can include immigrants into forms of membership and aid formal incorporation. My view moves beyond the universal logic of human rights to explain why democracy implies inclusion rather than exclusion of noncitizens. I draw on the concept of hospitality in the history of political thought to (re)vision what responsibilities are owed to immigrants seeking entry and fair terms of integration. I argue that resistance is part of hospitality, identifying how democratic public space, discretionary leadership and individual practices of welcoming can be vital to transforming moral ideals of membership.