Political Science

Tyler Jost

Watson Institue Assistant Professor of China Studies, Assistant Professor of Political Science, International and Public Affairs
Rm 342/Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs - 111 Thayer Street, or by Zoom
Areas of Expertise International Security, World Politics
Office Hours On Leave


Tyler Jost is Assistant Professor of Political Science, International & Public Affairs and Watson Institute Assistant Professor of China Studies. His research focuses on national security decision-making, bureaucratic politics, and Chinese foreign policy. Dr. Jost’s current book project examines domestic institutions designed to decide and coordinate national security policy, such as the U.S. National Security Council. Dr. Jost completed his doctoral degree in the Department of Government at Harvard University. He has held postdoctoral fellowships in the International Security Program at the Kennedy School of Government, as well as in the China and the World Program at Columbia University. His research has been supported by the Smith Richardson Foundation, the U.S. Institute of Peace, and the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies.